Common Behaviors for Children Ages 1-5

While every child is different and there are no hard-and-fast rules about when certain developmental milestones occur, there are general timelines for when we expect to see certain accomplishments. Relatedly, some children may be advanced in one area and slightly behind in another. The behaviors listed below are those that are typically achieved during agesContinue reading “Common Behaviors for Children Ages 1-5”

Behaviors Associated with Auditory Processing Disorder

There are many behaviors associated with Auditory Processing Disorders and individuals can have ANY combination of them. If you see some of the following behaviors in your child (or even in yourself), you may want to explore the possibility of an Auditory Processing Disorder and contact a professional with this specialization. In the area ofContinue reading “Behaviors Associated with Auditory Processing Disorder”

Using Empathy With Discipline

It’s easy for most parents to have tons of empathy for their kids when they fall off their bikes or don’t make the soccer team.  However, it’s much harder for parents to keep calm and stay positive when the kids haven’t been pulling their weight around the house.  The Psych Mom shares how using empathyContinue reading “Using Empathy With Discipline”