Therapy & Coaching


Dr. Morganstein provides therapy to clients of all ages in both individual and family therapy settings. In her therapeutic work, she specializes in behavioral & emotional issues in children and teens, parenting, self-esteem/identity, anxiety, depression, and personal growth.

Dr. Morganstein is also an expert in working with Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing clients of all ages; she is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), but adapts to a wide variety of communication needs and preferences.


Dr. Morganstein provides Executive Functioning & ADHD coaching to clients of all ages. Executive Functioning coaching is geared more towards individuals who are struggling with planning & organization and would like to learn and practice tools to help them become more productive in their everyday lives. ADHD coaching is excellent for individuals who want to better understand their ADHD diagnosis and begin to manage their symptoms more productively. It is possible for individuals to work on both of these areas and Dr. Morganstein will work with you or your child to address whatever your needs may be. Below you will find a sampling of some goals of each type of coaching.

Some Goals of Executive Functioning-Related Organization

  • Setting up a variety of organizational systems for school and home
  • Establishing an agenda strategy that works best for them
  • Creating a notebook/folder system that facilitates organization and simplicity
  • Finding and implementing ways to be on time
  • Planning and implementing ways to be proactive
  • Identifying ways to increase accountability
  • Increasing follow-through

Some Goals of ADHD-Related Behavior Coaching

  • Understanding ADHD and related behaviors
  • Improving self-awareness
  • Increasing self-control
  • Increasing attention and focus in listening and conversation
  • Identifying ways to decrease impulsivity