The Psych Mom Show

Dr. Barrie Morganstein hosted The Psych Mom Show for a few years as an opportunity to share psychology-related information with a greater audience. As The Psych Mom, she was able to interview her “Mom Squad” of speech pathologists, educators, counselors, researchers, and other psychologists to share even more information on a host of topics such as language development, social-emotional development, sign language, kindergarten readiness, and the college preparation process. Please visit the next several pages to enjoy videos on those topics as well as book reviews and quick tips and tricks from The Psych Mom designed to offer quick nuggets of valuable information.

Language Development

Barrie Morganstein talks with Wendy Solomon from “The Speech Vine” about expressive & receptive language
In this episode of The Psych Mom, host Dr. Barrie Morganstein talks with The Speech Vine’s Martha Kinney and Wendy Solomon about the components of language. They elaborate on the problems kids can have due to language problems and what can be done to help them.
Barrie Morganstein talks with Martha Kinney from The Speech Vine about articulation and how to use literacy to improve speech.

Baby Sign Language

Dr. Barrie Morganstein, The Psych Mom, talks about the benefits of baby sign language.