School Age Children & Teens

Dr. Morganstein has been providing presentations to parents, students, community members, and other professionals in the Charlotte region and around the country for 20+ years. She is available to speak to your group (e.g., school, community agency, religious organization, conference, etc.) either in person or virtually. Please reach out to her for more information. Below are examples of some presentations she has given throughout the years in the area of School Age Children & Teens.

Navigating Friendships — Workshop for parents of school-age children on how to impart important knowledge and skills that are important for making and keeping friends.

Helping Children Build Resiliency — Presentation for parents to help the understand the concept of resiliency, how important it is for strong emotional development, and how they can help their children become more resilient.

Common Red Flag Behaviors & Related Classroom Interventions — Workshop for teachers to help them understand common neurodevelopmental issues that children can experience (e.g., ADHD, Autism, Auditory Processing Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder, etc.), how they can identify these issues, and how they can better support these children within their classroom.

Positive Parenting — Presentation for parents on ways to improve their relationships with their kids as well as identify which styles of parenting tend to be the most effective.

How to Talk to Your Child about Sex — Workshop geared toward helping parents talk to their children about sexual development.

Teaching is Tough! — Presentation for school teachers about the perils of job burnout, how to avoid falling into that trap, and how to love your job teaching.